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Ytsera Campsites

Ytsera Campsites

Camping at Ytsera

Ytsera’s campsites are more than just a stay; they are an experience. We urge every guest to cherish and maintain the harmony of this natural haven.

Embark on the truest form of nature retreat. Find your slice of heaven in Vermont.

What Can You Expect? 

Choose from three campsites spread across the expansive Ytsera property.
Each site is a curated blend of untouched wilderness and comfort, ensuring you have the ideal spot to set up your tent.

Nature's Soundtrack

Fall asleep to the lullabies of Vermont’s nocturnal wonders and awaken to the symphony of morning birds. Let the soundscapes of Ytsera whisk you away from urban chaos.

Campfire Tales

Whip up your favorite meals on the go! Our fully equipped kitchenette is designed for functionality and convenience, making every meal an adventure.

Trails & Treks

Step out of your tent and onto a world of adventure. Wander through the network of trails, discover hidden glades, or challenge yourself to reach the highest point for a panoramic view of Ytsera’s beauty.

Night Sky Theatre

Away from city lights, the Vermont sky reveals its true splendor. Each campsite offers a unique vantage point for stargazing. Watch constellations dance, spot shooting stars, or simply lose yourself in the vast cosmic ballet.

Zero Distractions

In a world of constant notifications, our campsites offer a refreshing detox. Bask in tranquility, read that pending book, or simply sit and soak in the sheer peace Ytsera offers.

Wildlife Wonders

Be in the company of Vermont’s rich biodiversity. From chirping crickets to the occasional deer sighting, Ytsera’s campsites immerse you in nature’s theater.

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