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Ytsera’s Vision


Our Story

Rooted in the Kabbalah word "Yetzirah," symbolizing creation into formation, Ytsera is a sanctuary that optimizes the creative state through nourishment, mindfulness, and clean living. Beyond just a retreat, it's a haven of peace and inspiration, emphasizing a deep connection to nature and self.

Our logo is a bird, intentionally chosen to represent the mind of an observer. In order to take flight in our lives, we must always observe what is most true in each moment first. And then, just like the bird, swoop down to achieve what we are most aligned with.

As creators, we believe in shaping our lives with intention and authenticity. At Ytsera, we support this journey by providing spaces, training, and services that facilitate creative expression and alignment with one's true self.

Being a part of Ytsera means you are committed to becoming who you are, truly. It is our intention to create a home base for you to experience this growth with a community of people choosing the same. Our story is one of compassion, authenticity, and transformation.


Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a world where individuals are empowered to tap into their creative essence through nourishment, mindfulness, and clean living. We see ourselves as a sanctuary for creators, providing immersive experiences that not only support personal growth but also contribute to the broader formation of creations in the world.

We're dedicated to sustainability, both for the planet and the individual, and we aim to be a home base where individuals can align with their true selves, all while being deeply connected to nature and a supportive community. Ytsera aspires to be a place where every guest leaves with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and connection to themselves and the world around them.


Our Mission

At Ytsera, we are passionate about optimizing the creative state through nourishment, mindfulness, clean living, and dedicated service. Our mission extends to creating spaces and opportunities that support the broader formation of creations in the world. We see every individual as a creator of their life's journey, and we're here to provide a nurturing home base for this transformative process. We believe in empowering our guests to take charge of their lives, providing them with the tools, guidance, and community to thrive.

Gather with Ytsera

What Does it Mean To Gather with Ytsera

Ytsera is designed to bring hospitality and healing together. We are a safe and supportive space where people show up exactly where they are and feel welcome. This begins inside. Each person brings their own unique voice and embodiment to our whole. We celebrate individual healing and commitment to a self-sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

At Ytsera, we strive to create sustainability for the planet, for the land, and for all of our members to experience. Being fully sustainable is an integral part of the healing process. We allow people to experience how comfortable they can be to live off-grid.

Our Core Values


Embracing our true selves and guiding others to discover their own authenticity defines Ytsera's essence


We pledge unwavering accountability and trust, ensuring our community, guests, and team can rely on us


Our foundation lies in community. It shapes our culture and ensures our growth and sustainability for the future


Offering nutrient-rich foods, we believe in fueling the body for optimal energy and potential in every Ytsera experience


Prioritizing our business and community ties, we focus on delivering exceptional experiences both online and offline


We emphasize understanding the "why" and mastering the "how" with purposeful intent

Clean Living

Championing a clean, healthy lifestyle, we support leaders globally in their pursuit of a value-aligned life free from substances


Life's joys are celebrated at Ytsera, adding a vibrant touch to our culture and experiences


Our journey towards authenticity begins with intention, awareness, and a present state of mind


Our commitment to service shines through our Monarch Fund, promoting global well-being and encouraging acts of kindness


Where Are We Heading with Ytsera?

We currently have:

  • a 33ft airstream travel trailer
  • a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, off-grid home
  • 150 acres to explore and connect with nature 4 tent campsites

By June 2024, Ytsera Land will have an event space and kitchen/dining room. Both are part of the phase 1 building. Everything else will happen in phase 2.

Our Setup Will Consist Of

1. Event Space

(coming soon)
An octagonal gathering space. It meets in the middle and pushes out from the center of the property. This space encourages community and gathering.

2. Kitchen/dining room

(coming soon)
This is the teaching kitchen, and this is the space where we will share our culinary knowledge of plant-based, nutrient-dense foods.4

3. Spa

(coming soon)
This is our biohacking and wellness center designed to help our guests nurture their bodies. We will offer modalities that help regulate the nervous system and create products and treatments using local and curated plants.

4. Greenhouse/lounge.

(coming soon)
We’ve been hard at work transforming this space into an edible landscape design for our guests to relax and enjoy the garden and deck.

5. Campsites.

(available now)
Nestled throughout the forest, we have set up four different campsites for tent camping.

Ready to Experience Ytsera for Yourself?

Our Team


Founder and Mindset Coach
Ytsera Air Co-Founder


Ytsera Air Co-Founder
Ytsera Property Manager


Executive Chef and Facilitator


Ytsera Air, CFI




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