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Day in the Life with Ytsera

Imagine waking up to the gentle caress of nature, the heartbeats of a land that offers a plethora of experiences tailored to rejuvenate, educate, and inspire. At Ytsera, every day is a new story waiting to be written by you. Whether it’s finding solace in a cozy cabin, stargazing from an airstream, or learning the wonders of flight, every experience is curated with passion and purpose.

Ytsera House

Ytsera House:
The Heartbeat of Nature

Start your day in the embrace of the Ytsera House, an off-grid cabin that stands as a testament to harmony between man and nature. Every corner of this retreat sings a song of peace, creativity, and self-discovery. With 150 acres of private land, embark on soulful trails or find solace in nature's symphony. Here, sustainability meets serenity - from solar-powered comforts to hospitality from a committed team to support your stay. Dive deep into self-exploration and be reborn as the best version of yourself.

Ytsera Airstream

Ytsera Airstream: Nostalgia Meets Novelty

Experience the charm of vintage combined with modern luxury in our iconic Ytsera Airstream. As the morning light filters through panoramic windows, plan an al fresco breakfast or simply indulge in the tranquil surroundings. This is more than just accommodation; it’s a journey back in time, peppered with contemporary comforts.

Ytsera Campsite

Ytsera Campsites: Nature's Grand Stage

As the sun climbs the sky, perhaps you'd prefer the raw, unfiltered embrace of Ytsera’s campsites. Pitch your tent on manicured grounds, indulge in campfire tales, or simply lie back and watch nature perform its daily play. From the morning dew to the evening stars, every moment here is a dance of wilderness and wonder.

Ytsera Air

Ytsera Air:
Soar Beyond Limits

By midday, let your spirit soar with Ytsera Air. Whether you're a budding aviator or someone enchanted by the vast blue sky, our comprehensive aviation programs are designed to fuel your passion. Learn, discover, and fly – not just in the air but also in your personal journey toward mastery and growth.

The Monarch Fund

The Monarch Fund: Nourishing Tomorrow's Medics

As the day winds down, immerse yourself in the ethos of The Monarch Fund. Our culinary courses at UNMC are a way for the Ytsera community to make an impact on our next generation of dr’s and nurses as we support with a value-lined mission. With your donation and financial contributions, you are reshaping the future of holistic healthcare. Making a new future possible.

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