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Gather. Practice. Create.

Welcome to Ytsera, Where Your Creative Essence Finds its True Home

We Are Ytsera

We believe everyone is a creator capable of aligning to their own unique path.

Dive into a world enriched by nourishment, mindfulness, and authentic living. Here, you’re not just joining a service but embracing a vibrant community that champions growth and genuine self-expression. Through our curated spaces and offers, we guide you to channel your vision, ensuring it mirrors your true self.
As nature’s rhythm shifts with each season, so do our inspirations. From spring’s promise of renewal to summer’s vibrant expressions, from fall’s transformative moments to winter’s introspective retreats – we stand beside you, connecting you not just with your essence but also with the world and a community that celebrates every step of the journey. Embark with us and craft a life of true resonance.

Ytsera Experiences

We are the crossroads of creativity and nature’s pulse, blending off-grid serenity, airstream escapades, campfire bonds, sky-high thrills, and heartfelt giving. More than a brand, Ytsera is a lifestyle and community for those craving purpose and authentic connections. Here’s how you can explore the world of Ytsera.

Ytsera Vermont​

A fully off-grid, sustainable 2-bedroom
house for self-exploration and connection
located in Lyndonville, Vermont.

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Ytsera Airstream​

Travel trailer rental offers full nature
immersion for those seeking a unique and
rejuvenating escape.

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Ytsera Campsite

Your go-to destination for memorable bonfire
nights and tent stays amidst nature's

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Ytsera Air​

Vermont's pilot school, guiding aspiring
aviation fanatics toward their sky-high

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The Monarch Fund​

The Monarch Fund is a fully accredited
program that offers cooking and online
classes for students in med school.

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